Silver Stars 2024 Audition: Enroll Now

Audition Details

Eligibility: Open to Vayah Vikas members aged 60+

Submission: Record and share 1-2 minute video with us on WhatsApp: 9513300821

Evaluation: Judges will select a few performances per subcategory.

Nodal Level Performance: July 30th 2024

Final Performance: August 21, 2024 on the occasion of The World Senior Citizen's Day.

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Silver Stars Categories

The Silver Stars 2024 aims to create a vibrant and inclusive platform where seniors can unleash their creativity, share their talents, and network with like-minded seniors.






Instrumental Music

Celebrating Talent and Promoting Active Aging

The Silver Stars 2024 initiative aims to celebrate the diverse talents and skills of seniors while promoting active aging and social inclusion. Through engaging activities and events, seniors will have the opportunity to showcase their talents, connect with their peers, and inspire others in their community.